Thursday, February 22, 2018

February Festivities and Features!

Team RSM Member Zach Johnson has a birthday coming up Feb. 24!

To help celebrate his big day, we wanted to share his recent feature in Golf Digest. Below is an excerpt from the articleMy Shot: Zach Johnson”:

“I PLAY A LOT OF H-O-R-S-E in the driveway with my oldest son, Will. He just turned 11. Obviously I’m better than he is, so I let him stay close. I’ll miss on purpose so I’m at H-O-R-S and he’s only at H-O. I can see on his face he thinks he’s got a chance. Then something happens to me. This competitive thing inside me kicks in, and I blitz him. I just can’t let him win. Maybe it’s an Iowa thing, but we’re not “everybody gets a trophy” people. Will’s a strong kid. His day will come soon enough.


WHEN I WATCH SPORTS ON TV—and I watch a lot—I’m always drawn to the 20-point underdog who keeps it close. At the NCAA basketball tournament, when a small school hangs in there but doesn’t quite pull it out, that’s the team my eyes go to at the end of the game. The TV cameras always focus on the winners, but I’m looking at the losing sideline and thinking, Nice job, guys. I don’t like losing, but there’s beauty in what comes out of it. As a golfer, everything I learned that led to my winning 12 PGA Tour events, including a couple of majors, came from losing.”

You can find the full feature here. We hope you have a great birthday, Zach!

Speaking of features, Team RSM Member, Davis Love III,  recently sat down with Golfweek at the PGA Merchandise Show to discuss a variety of topics, including golf fashion and the involvement the captain has in what the Ryder Cup uniforms will look like. Read the full article “Q&A: Polo ambassador Davis Love III talks fashion, Ryder Cup, Tiger” here!

This week in tournament news, Team RSM Member Chris Kirk is in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida for The Honda Classic. Also joining him are several of our past RSM Classic winners Mac Hughes (2016), Kevin Kisner (2015), Robert Streb (2014) and Ben Crane (2011).

Below are their tee times for Thurs., Feb. 22:

Time (Et)
Chris Kirk
7:15 am
Robert Streb
8:05 am
Mac Hughes
12:05 pm
Kevin Kisner
12:25 pm
Ben Crane
12:55 pm

Best of luck to all “our guys” this week!

Check back next week for more on Team RSM, The RSM Classic (Nov. 12-18, 2018) and other golf-related news.

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