Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A North Carolinian’s Perspective on The RSM Classic

Today’s update is from Rob Gottschalk, who is based out of RSM’s Rocky Mount, NC office. Rob had the opportunity to visit Sea Island for The RSM Classic this year, as a result of his leadership role in raising charitable funds for deserving children- and family-focused nonprofits through the firm’s Birdies Fore Love initiative. Read Rob’s first-hand account about his time at the 2017 RSM Classic below.

Due to the charitable efforts of all the employees in RSM’s Rocky Mount, NC office for the 2017 Birdies Fore Love program, my wife Lauren and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend The RSM Classic in Sea Island, GA.

From our first steps off the plane in Savannah, GA, we were greeted by a friendly face and have had a wonderul experience ever since. From the beautiful Cloister hotel with its charming, overgrown Oak trees to the friendly, smiling RSM representatives; it has definitely been an experience to be thankful for. Besides the gorgeous hotel and beautiful grounds, we were immediately taken aback by all the RSM signage and memorabilia. Our favorite were the floating RSM sign at the 18th hole and the “RSM Classic” carved into the hedging by the lighthouse. Walking around the tournament itself was quite impressive. Each friendly greeting and smiling face made you feel as if you were surrounded by old friends.

Saturday night, my wife and I had the opportunity to attend the Jake Owen concert at the McKinnon Airport. Before the main event, we networked with clients, partners and guests, and discussed stewardship at RSM. The stewardship culture and charitable programs RSM inspires is very much rooted into the nature of our business and the service we provide our clients.

The main event, Jake Owen, is definitely not something to overlook. Being front row at a private concert was quite a memorable occasion. The band was incredible, the music was fun, and Jake Owen was a blast to watch. I love how he recognized our troops and the devastating event in Las Vegas, and how he and talked about family and cherishing the special moments we have with each other.

Today, we enjoyed watching the last day of the tournament from the comforts of the RSM chalet. My wife and I walked around some of the course and had a chance to see the players tee off at various holes. We also enjoyed shopping at the official merchandise tent before heading back to the chalet to see the exciting end to the 2017 RSM Classic.

I am pleased to be an employee of a company, such as RSM, that has partnered with the Davis Love Foundation and raised more than $9 million for local communities and charities. The stewardship that is embedded into the culture at RSM is something that I am very proud to be a part of.  One of the highlights of the trip was having the opportunity to mingle with the people responsible for running this firm and putting together such wonderful events. I feel lucky to have been chosen to represent our Rocky Mount office, and look forward to bringing these memories back to the office to share with my fellow colleagues. I hope I will get to enjoy The RSM Classic again in the future because that’s exactly what this event is, a classic – timeless, and truly a ladies and gentlemen’s occasion.

Being part of a company that cares about its employees, its clients, and those in need has truly been an extraordinary experience over the past four years since I’ve been with RSM, and I look forward to continuing my future with the firm.  

Thank you Rocky Mount, NC RSM Office!

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