Monday, September 12, 2011

The Power of Patience and Perseverance, by Chris DiMarco

The McGladrey Classic is less than one short month away, and we're in high-gear preparing for the tournament. Today, we'd like to share with you a special guest post by Team McGladrey Member Chris DiMarco. To enjoy his message about patience and perserverance, keep reading...

Whether you are a weekend golfer or a PGA TOUR veteran like me, you know that golf can be a humbling game requiring patience, perseverance and a keen understanding of the elements of your game that you can control. In many ways patience, perseverance and understanding are traits that led me to my relationship with McGladrey and characteristics that you should always look for in a business partner — whether it’s your caddie, coach, trainer, doctor, manager or even an accountant.

An example on a day-to-day level would be a windy day on the golf course. If you attack the course without patience, you may be rewarded from time to time with a wind-aided shot, but more often than not you will find yourself in the rough, in a hazard or out of bounds. Patient golfers not only know when to play conservatively, but also when an aggressive, wind-aided play may reward them. Perseverance is also important on the golf course. Even for us pros on our best days, the ball doesn’t always go where we want it to go. You need to be mentally tough to recover from a bad shot and not let it affect your next shot.

Since I turned pro, my patience has been tested on many occasions, and perseverance was an important specific lesson for me to learn early in my career. The demanding professional golf schedule challenged me to prepare and practice better than I ever had before and forced me to be patient with my body, specifically when my body wasn’t feeling up to par, or even when I’ve had to play through some pain.

On the business front, the game of golf and the demands of being successful at it have taught me a valuable lesson over time. I now know that not every day is going to lead to record profits and record returns, but as long as you stick to your fundamentals and core values and surround yourself with the right partners, like McGladrey, you’ll know when to exercise patience, and you’ll persevere through anything that the golf course, the business world or life throws at you.

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  1. Chris may have easily been Masters Champion. But he did not achieve that result on that day. He has not let that destroy him. He has kept playing and persevering which is a an example worth repeating. Others have been as close to Masters and other tournament victories and just missed out and then faded away. They fell down a slope that they could not find a foot hold on. fundamentals and core values when under pressure are tested and many run from them instead of staying with them and having patience. Tides turn though watching and waiting for it seems a long time.