Thursday, March 11, 2010

Guest Post from PGA TOUR Professional Zach Johnson

PGA TOUR Professional Zach Johnson, along with fellow PGA TOUR Professional Chris DiMarco and LPGA TOUR Professional Natalie Gulbis, make up Team McGladrey. Through their involvement with RSM McGladrey, Zach, Chris and Natalie participate in certain activities sponsored by the firm, and support a number of charitable organizations. The message below is from Zach. We plan to use his tips to help improve our game – feel free to use them to improve yours as well!

As a member of Team McGladrey, I’m looking forward to playing in the new PGA TOUR event, The McGladrey Classic this October 7 – 10. I’m also looking forward to being at Sea Island Resort later this month (March 29) for a special McGladrey Classic community event. I can’t share too many details about that just yet, but hope you’ll check back here regularly for updates and to ask any questions and/or leave comments that you’d like to share.

In the meantime, here are a few quick tips for improving your game:

MAKING MORE PUTTS – Visualization is a great help to making more putts. From a drill standpoint, on the practice green, set up tees around the hole, with three stations, at intervals of three feet, five-feet and seven-feet. Try to make 20 from the three-foot station, 10 from the five-foot station and five from the seven-foot station. Move through all three stations once without missing or repeat the drill. Bottom line, with regard to putting…practice makes perfect.

REVERSING A REVERSE PIVOT – If you have a tendency to reverse pivot, you’re not alone – it’s very common among amateurs. To move your weight to the left, concentrate on having the same posture at impact as you do at address. With good posture at impact, the weight of the club will move your weight to the left side naturally without your having to think too much about it.

CHOOSING A PUTTER – When choosing a putter, it’s important to remember that putting is such an individual thing that no one putter is right for everyone. Find one that suits your type of stroke and one that looks good to your eye. Putting is all about confidence, so choose a putter than inspires confidence in you.

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