Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A first-hand account from Pinehurst - a guest post by Paul Knight and Colin Sanderson

Paul Knight is a business developer and Colin Sanderson is the managing director – RSM McGladrey, New York. Paul and Colin returned to The McGladrey Team Championship for the second year in a row, after their team took the Metropolitan Section Championship in Rye, NY, earlier this year.

It’s very exciting and rewarding to be playing in The 2009 McGladrey Team Championship at Pinehurst! We’re happy about playing with RSM McGladrey client, Jeff Glat, and the PGA Professional from the Apawamis Club in Rye.

The McGladrey Championship provides a great opportunity to spend some quality time with clients and potential clients. This helps us get to really know these important people – and to understand how we at RSM McGladrey can best meet their needs. That understanding builds trust. And as our new ad campaign states, “When you trust the advice you’re getting, you know your next move is the right one.” That’s the power of being understood.

This year’s Team Championship has been especially rewarding with the inclusion of Special Olympics in the days’ activities. We appreciate how certain opportunities that have had a positive impact on our lives were made possible through the contributions of others. Meeting Special Olympics athletes here in person shows us first-hand how our contributions support others. These special athletes are getting once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that they would not have without Special Olympics. We’re proud to be able to support such a worthy cause.

Paul got the team off to a good start, making a par / net birdie on the first hole to get the team rolling. Colin and Kyle Baehler (Apawamis Professional) played a steady game throughout the day, getting six natural birdies between them. Jeff Glat finished strong to help bring the team to -10 for the day, tied for seventh place. While the Southern California and North Texas teams are ahead by 14 strokes, we’re only four strokes away from 3rd place, and are hoping to close the gap. We aim to work on our putting early this morning. And we’re hoping for no rain.


  1. Was anyone else furious that we received Callaway gift cards and not Pinehurst resort proshop gift certificates like we were told? Well after perusing the shop all week thinking man, I can't wait to buy a "putter boy" poster or a Pinehurst #2 mug, I was extremely disappointed when I received what I thought was going to be a Pinehurst gift card. To add to my “excitement”, I realized the gift card is for a separate website; not the normal Callaway Golf website. It seems that there are a limited number of items on this website as opposed to what is on Callaway's main site. If you look on the last page of the brightly colored contestant handbook it states, "Amateurs receive gift cards to Pinehurst at the conclusion of the award ceremony." Well despite the major disappointment of receiving the Callaway gift card, has anyone tried their gift card yet...? Well I have, and I got a message that says the card is invalid. Has this happened to anyone else? My team and I are extremely disappointed. All week we were looking forward to bringing some mementos back home after our hard work and "grinding" all week, but instead we got a Callaway gift card that I can't even use. What do I possibly buy on a limited website from Callaway when I already have everything I need, and then some, for golf. After a wonderful week at the renowned Pinehurst resort, a Callaway gift card as a prize for every team’s efforts does not sit well with many. Following the awards ceremony I saw many teams that were disgusted after they found out they were not receiving a Pinehurst gift card. If they do the same thing next year I know my team and others will be skeptical to participate in this event. I just want to end with this mantra we heard all week, "with the right team, anything is possible"; hopefully someone can put together that team and rectify this problem.

  2. You paid $100 to enter the tournament and played course's that the total greens fees would be over $700. The fact that the awards were in a Callaway gift card and not Pinehurst credit was discussed at registration. If you feel that's not worth playing. I'll take your place next year if you qualify. Sounds petty after the great hospitality Pinehurst, The PGA and RSM McGladrey showed us all week. The week was about being treated like a professional golfer not our winnings. Your Club Pro got the real winnings not us amatuers.

  3. Dear Anonymous:

    We appreciate your sharing your concern, and apologize for your disappointment. The PGA of America generously provided players’ gift cards for The McGladrey Team Championship, and we have discussed your concern with them. While they share our concern with your disappointment and apologize for any miscommunication, they hope you will be able to use the Callaway gift card for something for yourself, a friend or coworker.

    Thank you.